Date: 5th April 2001

Drew and Tom Wed- Again

DREW BARRYMORE and TOM GREEN have got married - again.

The engaged couple, who have a history of pulling marriage hoaxes, have announced their marriages several times in the past, but comedian Green is once more insisting they really have wed.

He says, "We were recently married. People will figure it out soon. It has been a year of everyone asking us when we were going to do it. Now it is all over and we're happy."

Green says he and the CHARLIE'S ANGELS (2000) star were married in a private Los Angeles ceremony "a couple of weeks ago". When questioned about the supposed nuptials, Barrymore's publicist initially claimed not to have heard the happy news, but then confirmed the marriage after making a phone call.

EDDIE MICHAELS says, "It's true, they're married. I don't have any details, but I can tell you it's true." (LE/U/KW)

Source: WENN



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