Date: 4th April 2001

Liz and Pam's Secret Nine-Year Relationship

ELIZABETH HURLEY and PAMELA ANDERSON have been enjoying a secret relationship for over nine years.

Upper-crust Liz met the silicone-enhanced ex-BAYWATCH babe when she was a struggling actress living in West Hollywood. The bosom buddies hooked up for the very first time at B-movie actor DAVID KEITH's home in the Hollywood Hills.

Liz's former flatmate and partygoer BIRGOT CUNNINGHAM recalls, "The pair first met at Keith's house when Keith was going out with Pam, We all used to go up there to party and they just got on really well, swapped numbers and have kept in touch. "There are a lot of men who adore Pam in Los Angeles. they are her circle of friends; Liz is one of her few female friends."

The stars' friendship deepened last May (00) when Liz split up with HUGH GRANT and then found herself in a hostile Hollywood after the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD (SAG) labelled her a scab for breaking their strike.

Birgot continues, "
ELIZABETH doesn't like being in Los Angeles that much. She feels it is an alien environment right now so she likes having a friendly face in Pam. "They hang out together when Liz is in town and go out together." (RP/HET/KW)

Source: WENN