Date: 3rd April 2001

Rachel Griffiths: There Is Always A Price To Pay With Drugs

Actress RACHEL GRIFFITHS knows Hollywood doesn't have a drug problem - because things are much worse in her native Australia.

The 32-year-old beauty - who features in new drugs-based movie BLOW (2001) alongside JOHNNY DEPP and PenÚlope CRUZ - believes the spotlight should be taken off Tinseltown's drug-takers and focused on other areas of the world.

She says, "I'm from Melbourne, Australia, which has probably one of the highest heroine overdose rates in the world, so I don't think Hollywood is any more susceptible to drugs than a lot of other places on this planet."

And the HILARY AND JACKIE (1998) star is adamant the problem would be lessened if people were better informed about the consequences. She adds, "Drugs are fun - for a while. "There's no-one to tell you drugs are bad. People should be told that drugs are fun, but you often pay a price." (RGS/WN/NFA

Source: WENN