Date: 31st March 2001

Gary Oldman Nearly Thrown Off Ser By Director

Actor GARY OLDMAN is so good at playing his characters, a director nearly kicked him off set - because he didn't recognise him.

For the role of American Senator SHELLY RUNYON in the OSCAR- nominated CONTENDER, The (2000) the chameleon-like star invented a look and persona for the character so realistic people didn't know who he was.

In an interview with British HOTDOG magazine, director ROD LURIE recalls, "Gary turned up on the set as Shelly Runyon. I made no suggestions about the appearance - I just gave him a few tapes to watch of senators in action. "When he turned up looking like that I didn't recognise him.

My Assistant Director came to me and says, 'There's a strange guy looking for you outside. What should I do?' "And he pointed to this guy I didn't recognise, so I said, 'Get rid of him.' "And of course it was Gary." (NFA/HOT/CPT)

Source: WENN