Date: 31st March 2001

Kidman Insists Her Miscarried baby Was Cruise's

Actress NICOLE KIDMAN insists the baby she lost in her recent miscarriage was fathered by her estranged husband TOM CRUISE.

The story broke yesterday (29MAR01) that Kidman, who hadn't been sure she was even pregnant, miscarried two weeks ago (16MAR01) - not long after her TOP GUN (1996) star husband filed for divorce.

The Australian actress' lawyers have sent letters to the newspapers in America and Britain which first printed the story, confirming she did miscarry but insisting the child was Cruise's.

None of the papers had printed anything to the contrary, but gossip columnists were already setting to work on the information that Cruise offered no sympathy when his wife called with the information. (SVD/WNV/NFA)

Source: WENN



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