Date: 30th March 2001

Winona And Johnny Unite For Good Cause

Ex-lovers WINONA RYDER and JOHNNY DEPP are joining forces in a bid to help free American Indian LEONARD PELTIER.

Ryder has been wearing Free Peltier badges at high profile events, and Depp wore an AIM (American Indian Movement) t-shirt at his latest round of press conferences.

Supporters believe the AIM leader was wrongfully imprisoned for the death of two FBI agents in 1975 - there were no witnesses to the shootings.

GINA CHIALA, co-ordinator of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, says, "Celebrity support for the Peltier case has been helpful in attracting wide public attention and concern. "Celebrities recognise and take advantage of their place in the public eye and give voice to these problems." (SVD/EW/CPT)

Source: WENN