Date: 30th March 2001

Gay Hunk Claims Travolta Tried To Pick Him Up

A handsome young business executive claims JOHN TRAVOLTA made a pass at him while they were in a health club sauna.

The man, who insists on only being identified as MARK, says that the superstar was totally naked and sexually aroused when he tried to pick him up.

Mark says, "It was obvious to me from Travolta's mannerisms, that the way he kept touching himself and the way he kept staring at me, that he was looking for a gay male to have fun with. I am gay, and I can tell when someone else is gay, when they're attracted to me and when they're trying to pick me up."

Mark claims the liaison began in the Spectrum Club in Valencia, California, which the actor made several visits to while filming his latest movie SWORDFISH (2001).

Mark continues, "It was obvious that he was trying to hit on me. Travolta's manhood is very impressive, but he's in horrible shape. I was disgusted by his condition. He's flabby all over with rolls of fat on his stomach. While staring at me, Travolta kept moving his hand down to his crotch and touching his manhood. As he was leaving he brushed his hand over my manhood." (SVD/TG/PDD

Source: WENN