Date: 30th March 2001

Shannon Elizabeth's Crush On Johnny Depp

SHANNON ELIZABETH has a huge crush on JOHNNY DEPP and would love to play his love interest in a film.

The sexy AMERICAN PIE (1999) star believes Depp is the one person in the world she'd most like to kiss and is desperately trying to land a movie role opposite him.

She says, "I'm just a big fan. I think he's beautiful and I think he's a great actor. I'd like to play his love interest. I just think he's really good and he's got a great attraction about him."

The sultry Texan-born star also admits she's a firm believer in one night stands. She explains, "You may never get the chance again. You don't want to be 80-years-old and look back and regret not having taken a chance." (LE/MHF/PDD)

Source: WENN



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