Date: 28th March 2001

Calista Flockhart Needs Lara Flynn Boyle For Partying

CALISTA FLOCKHART gets so shy at parties, she needs her pal LARA FLYNN BOYLE to help her mingle with people.

According to American gossip columnist LIZ SMITH, the skinny ALLY McBEAL beauty is really unsure of herself - and PRACTICE star Boyle was forced to get her drinks and introduce her to people at the VANITY FAIR post-OSCARS party.

As Boyle departed the party, she was heard saying to Flockhart, "Go! Meet people. Everyone will love you." Flockhart told a pal, "There can be a lot of pointless jealousy in this business. But Lara has a heart, she's a real woman." (MB/LAT/NFA)

Source: WENN