Date: 28th March 2001

Oscar Winner's Dentist Keeps Promise

ERIN BROCKOVICH (2000) star JULIA ROBERTS's dentist has kept a promise he made neraly 30 years ago.

In 1975, DR TED APES said that if any of his young patients won a huge award he would give every child in Smyrna, Georgia, (Roberts's home town), a tube of toothpaste. He said, "I had two families waiting for me in the parking lot when I got here this morning (27MAR01)." By late afternoon, Aspes had given out hundreds of tubes of mint- flavoured CREST.

The dentist, whose long-ago pledge also covered honours such as the GRAMMY, HEISMAN TROPHY and RHODES SCHOLARSHIP, was not caught by surprise. He expected Roberts to win.

He adds, "I ordered 10,000 tubes last week. I usually order a few hundred. My distributor called and said, 'Hey, doc, are you sure there isn't a comma in the wrong place?'" (PDD/WNWCAN/ES)

Source: WENN