Date: 28th March 2001

Bollywood Star Arrested Over Controversial Dress

Top Bollywood actress SONALI BENDRE was arrested - because a dress she wore 'insulted Hinduism'.

The star was released on bail after payment of 1,200 rupees (18), and will now have to wait for the next hearing of the case for which a date has yet to be fixed.

An investigating police officer says the case related to a photograph of Bendre in the March 1998 issue of film publication SHOWTIME. He says, "She was semi-nude in the picture, and the dress she was wearing had Hindu religious symbols."

The then-coalition state government, which comprised the right- wing Hindu party SHIV SENA and the Hindu nationalist BHARATIYA JANATA Party, asked the Bombay police to register a case against the actress.

Bendre is a popular Bollywood figure, who has starred in blockbusters like SARFAROSH (1999) (PATRIOT) with leading star AAMIR KHAN (RP/WNWCYA/NFA)

Source: WENN



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