Date: 28th March 2001

Oscar Win Means Big Money For Julia Roberts

Stunning JULIA ROBERTS scored more than an Oscar after her Best Actress win on Sunday (25MAR01) - she can now demand $25 million (16.666 million) per film.

MEL GIBSON and HARRISON FORD are currently the only male stars who can command such a huge amount of money. And film analyst ROBERT BUCKSBAUM believes if the PRETTY WOMAN (1990)'s next movie, AMERICA'S SWEETHEARTS (2001) with BILLY CRYSTAL and CATHERINE ZETA JONES, makes $150 million (100 million), she could demand more than Hollywood's top male actors.

He says, "She really solidified her standing with the public with her acceptance speech." Roberts is in a league of her own, with MEG RYAN behind her on $12 million (8 million) and SANDRA BULLOCK on $15 million (9 million).

Oscar winner RUSSELL CROWE, who reportedly got $15 million (10 million) for GLADIATOR (2000), could now ask as much as $20 million (12 million).

TRAFFIC (2000) star BENICIO DEL TORO is expected to see his salary rise from around $2 million (1.333 million) currently to about $5 million (3.333 million) and MARCIA GAY HARDEN, the shock winner of Best Supporting Actress, will be able to ask for more than her current fee of $1 million (666.666). (RP/WNWCAN/NFA)

Source: WENN



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