Date: 27th March 2001

Gladiator Crowe Fights Off The Ladies

Oscar-winner RUSSELL CROWE had to give the hardest performance of his life at a OSCAR party - juggling two gorgeous blondes.

The GLADIATOR (2000) star showed up at the bash in Los Angeles last night (25MAR01) with an attractive woman, identified by pals as his Australian ex-girlfriend DANIELLE SPENCER - only to run into singer and actress COURTNEY LOVE, who allegedly spent the night with the hunky star after the Golden Globe awards.

Past midnight, when most of the other guests had left, Crowe, the blond and some friends were at a table doing tequila shots when they were joined by HOLE singer Love, according to the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS website.

The rock chick was heard to say, "Russell, you're not the star! I'm the star!", after which she pointed to her breasts and said, "These are the f***ing stars!"

When the group left after 3 AM, Courtney followed Crowe and his date out to his vehicle, where she stuck her head into the car.

An onlooker says, "She said, 'Are you the girlfriend? Are you the one from Australia?' The other woman looked terrified."

Love was also heard to say, "Don't be so f***ing paranoid, Russell!" Missing from the scene was Love's former companion JIM BARBER, who, in December (00), declared in court papers filed in a child- custody dispute with his ex-wife, "my social life with Courtney Love has ended." (NFA/WNWDN/CPT)

Source: WENN



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