Date: 26th March 2001

Melanie Griffiths's Death Threat Terror For Husband

LATEST: MELANIE GRIFFITHS is terrified after receiving a death threat against husband ANTONIO BANDERAS at their Spanish villa.

Both she and the hunky Spanish star have refused to go into hiding despite harrassment from Basque terrorist group ETA, who targeted Banderas after he criticised their assassination of a politician in his native counntry.

But friends of Griffith say she was so scared after getting the latest threat that she immediately took her children and raced to the airport in Malaga to catch the first flight to Paris, where Banderas was filming.

A pal says, "When he met Melanie at the airport he hugged her and whispered, 'Be brave. They want me, not you. You've got nothing to fear.'"

The couple have been surrounded by armed guards ever since, but friends say the intimidation tactics have taken a heavy toll on Griffith. "Melanie is scared to death," says a pal. "They have stepped up their protection and aren't taking any chances." (LE/TG/KW)

Source: WENN