Date: 23rd March 2001

Tobey And Kirsten Play Lovers In The Rain

TOBEY MAGUIRE and KIRSTEN DUNST are finding it tough to play lovers on the set of SPIDER-MAN (2002) - because their romantic scenes are being shot at night in the rain.

Dunst plays MARY JANE opposite Maguire's webbed superhero and she admits it's no fun playing Spider-man's girlfriend.

She explains, "I've been in the pouring rain in skimpy outfits, night shooting, getting my close-ups at 6.30am before the sun comes up, and seriously hard stuff. "There's one scene where Tobey's in his suit and I had to pull his mask down to his lips. He was gasping for breath in between kisses because he was hanging upside down and we were in the rain. It was not a romantic kind of feeling." (KL/EW/PDD)

Source: WENN



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