Date: 23rd March 2001

Sigourney Weaver Has Wedding For Her Dogs

Movie heroine SIGOURNEY WEAVER loves her dogs so much she's held a wedding for them.

When the ice storm, The (1997) actress decided to breed her greyhound PETALS with their friends' dog JIMMY, she thought matrimony would make the act more romantic.

In January last year (00) the imposing star threw a dog wedding, inviting other four legged friends while the ALIENS star wore a VERA WANG gown. Weaver says, "Those dogs really loved each other!"

Three months later (APR00) Petals gave birth to three puppies. But the groom and bride haven't seen each other since, Weaver adds, "My daughter CHARLOTTE is worried about that and is asking if they should get a divorce." (MB/US/CPT)

Source: WENN