Date: 22nd March 2001

Rambo Set To Return To Cinemas

Fighting hero RAMBO (1987) is set to return to the cinemas in 2003.

BOB WEINSTEIN, boss of film company MIRAMAX, says a script for RAMBO 4 is to be worked on over the summer (01).

SYLVESTER STALLONE, JACKIE CHAN, RICHARD CRENNA and BRIAN DENNEHY have all reportedly agreed to appear in the new film.

According to the STALLONE WORLD website, the script involves Rambo tackling drug dealers in an American government building. Weinstein says on the site, "We'd love nothing more than for Stallone to be involved. "We think it's a billion-dollar property." (RGS/WNWC/CPT)

Source: WENN



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