Date: 21st March 2001

Antonio Banderas Spreads Foot And Mouth To America

Actor ANTONIO BANDERAS is certain he'll be blamed if Foot and Mouth disease spreads from Europe to America.

The MASK OF ZORRO, THE (1998) star has been shooting the movie FEMME FATALE (2002) in Paris, France, a country which has recorded outbreaks of the highly infectious livestock disease. And when he flew to America from France on Sunday (18MAR01), the actor's shoes were not disinfected by immigration officials trying to stop the disease spreading worldwide. He admits, "They didn't do it. So I am infected!"

The hunky Spanish star admits the outbreak is making him a vegetarian whenever he is in Europe. He says, "I ate a hamburger on Sunday (17MAR01) night. I am going back to salad tomorrow as I will return to Europe." (MB/WNV/CPT)

Source: WENN