Date: 11th September 2000

Networks Take Pasting From Gore And Lieberman, Too.

Meanwhile, Al Gore and running mate Joe Lieberman warned Sunday in an interview with the New York Times that if the entertainment industry does not voluntarily stop marketing sex and violence to kids, they will urge legislation that will prevent them from doing so.

Although Lieberman has taken the position previously, analysts noted that it was the first time that Gore had taken such a tough stance. "If the industry violates its own rules and actively misleads parents with advertising, then the industry should be held accountable," the vice president said. "If the industry promises parents that it will not market violent material to children and then proceeds to do so, then the industry's practices could constitute false and deceptive advertising."

Asked by the Times whether he didn't risk alienating supporters within the entertainment industry, Gore replied, "Those who don't like it, well, they don't like it."

Source: Studio Briefing