Date: 20th March 2001

Stallone's Psychic Pooches Predict Oscar Winners

Two dogs owned by SYLVESTER STALLONE's mum are predicting who will win this year's (01) OSCARS.

JACKIE STALLONE'S DOBERMAN PINSCHERs have already - correctly - forecast that GEORGE W BUSH would win the race to the WHITE HOUSE. And now the mystic mutts are turning their attention to the world of showbiz, with Mrs Stallone telling America's NEW YORK POST newspaper, "My dogs said Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) would win Best Foreign Film - and they are never wrong."

The dogs are also predicting that CHOCOLAT (2000) will win the Best Picture Oscar and that Best Director will be STEVEN SODERBERGH for TRAFFIC (2000). KATE HUDSON will win Best Supporting Actress for ALMOST FAMOUS (2000), JULIA ROBERTS will be named Best Actress and RUSSELL CROWE will win the hotly contested Best Actor award.

Their proud owner, who doesn't explain how her pets communicate their knowledge, adds, "TOM HANKS is not gonna get it this year." (BM/WNWCAN/KW)

Source: WENN



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