Date: 20th March 2001

Sandra Bullock Falls For Her Fans At Premiere

Sexy SANDRA BULLOCK shocked fans by tripping as she arrived at the premiere of her film Miss Congeniality (2000) .

The 36-year-old actress stumbled as she turned up to a screening of Miss Congeniality (2000) in London after a five minute walkabout talking to fans. She laughed after losing her balance in the foyer of the ODEON LEICESTER SQUARE.

In the film she plays a bumbling FBI agent who has to pose as a beauty queen to catch a terrorist planning to blow up a pageant. She says, "It's something I do naturally in real life, so I just use what I know. I fall a lot and I do it well."

The actress, who arrived wearing a black silk and cream chiffon ALBERTO FERRETTI knee length dress and Chanel coat, had to look the part by tweaking her appearance. "In order to get the body I wanted, which I didn't have in real life I had to do a little pinching and lifting but that was part of the fun of it." (PDD/WNWCAN)

Source: WENN