Date: 17th March 2001

Calista Flockhart: Thank God I Was Wearing Underwear

Actress CALISTA FLOCKHART realised the vital importance of underwear after she showed off more than she intended at an airport.

The miniskirted super-slim star of American TV show ALLY McBEAL was dashing through London's Heathrow Airport trying to catch a connecting flight when she forgot to check on the position of her skirt.

Flockhart says, "Here I am in my little dress and I hiked up my gigantic knapsack on both my shoulders and began running around the airport like a bat out of hell. But her relief at making it to the gate on time was short lived. She adds, "I'm so happy, and all of a sudden this woman taps me on the shoulder and says, 'I don't mean to embarrass you, dear, but your dress is up your bum.'" The embarrassed star recalls, "Apparently when I hiked up my knapsack, I also hiked up my dress. "I was really happy I was wearing underwear!" (LE/NE/CPT)

Source: WENN