Date: 19th March 2001

Jamie Lee Curtis Warns The Gym Will Not Make You Happy

JAMIE LEE CURTIS has hit out at the thousands of people who spend hours in the gym striving for the perfect body - insisting that it won't make them happy.

The curvy Fish Called Wanda, A (1988) actress admits she does work out and is conscious of her figure, but wishes people who spent their lives thinking a perfect body would equal a perfect life would understand how mistaken they are.

She says, "Nothing on the exterior will make me feel better, it may seem that way for a short time, but those feelings of inadequacy will surface as soon as that new purse is no longer new. "This buying, this 'gyming', is temporary relief from problems that need a real solution. Without addressing them properly, with a doctor or self-evaluation, you'll repeat a pattern for the rest of your life."


Source: WENN