Date: 11th September 2000

Big Brother Contestants Vow To Walk On Wednesday.

The remaining contestants on CBS's Big Brother series were seen on the show's Web site over the weekend discussing the possibility of staging a mass walkout on Wednesday, thereby abandoning any chance of winning the $500,000 top prize, due to be awarded on Sept. 30.

The walkout appeared to be led by the contestant known as George, who at one point remarked, "Do you know what kind of point we could make? We could go down in history as six winners." The last apparent holdout, Eddie, shot back, "Or we could go down as the six quitters of Big Brother."

Curtis, another contestant, apparently won Eddie over by remarking, "Even if we're wrong about earning money from other sources following a walkout, you are creating a moment in television history." After throwing in with the others, however, Eddie remarked, "What did you do this summer? Trashed a CBS show."

Source: Studio Briefing