Date: 15th March 2001

Pierce Brosnan Turns Down Screen Romps With Sharon Stone

Actor PIERCE BROSNAN has joined a long list which includes MICHAEL DOUGLAS, BENJAMIN BRATT and KURT RUSSELL by turning down a co- starring role with SHARON STONE in Basic Instinct 2 (2002).

According to American journalist JEANNIE WILLIAMS, Brosnan feels that the character has "distasteful elements" and might not be the best part to follow his forthcoming Tailor of Panama, The (2001).

In the JOHN LeCARRE drama, Brosnan moves away from his JAMES BOND image, playing a dissolute and violent British agent. He says, "Much as I love Basic Instinct 2 (2002) director JOHN McTIERNAN, it wasn't for me this time in my life. I wished them well. Everyone wants to see Sharon at her finest." (RGS/U/CPT)

Source: WENN



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