Date: 14th March 2001

Oscar Movie Mistakes Revealed

GLADIATOR has already won an award at this year's (01) OSCARS - as the movie with the most mistakes in the Best Picture category.

A new website is revealing just what's wrong with the five films nominated as Hollywood's finest - and there's no shortage of errors to expose. Gladiator tops the list for the most mishaps, with 121 discrepancies being noticed by fans - including the fact that the horses are wearing saddles and stirrups, which hadn't been invented in Roman times. Perceptive viewers also point out the Emperor is still visibly breathing when he's supposed to be dead.

Of the 14 mistakes in ERIN BROCKOVICH, the most glaring comes in a scene when ALBERT FINNEY's tie is off, then on, then off again.

CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON is revealed to have 4 gaffs, including one scene where the horses being ridden by lead characters JEN and LO mysteriously alternate between being white and brown in different camera cuts.

TRAFFIC has been picked up for just two discrepancies, one of which is an Army Captain in the airport scene wearing his insignia on the wrong side of his headgear.

But CHOCOLAT has done itself proud - as the only Best Picture nomination with absolutely no discernable mistakes. (MB/WN&WNWC/KW)

Source: WENN