Date: 13th March 2001

Julia Roberts Snubs Nominee Luncheon

JULIA ROBERTS snubbed fellow OSCAR nominees at yesterday's (12MAR01) nominee luncheon - on director STEVEN SODERBERGH's strict orders.

Roberts is a likely bet for this year's (01) ACADEMY AWARDS after scooping the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD (11MAR01) award for best actress. But Roberts, already back at work in Las Vegas on the set of Soderbergh's new movie OCEAN'S ELEVEN, was a notable no-show at this year's (01) Oscar nominee luncheon party.

Nearly every other nominee showed up at the swanky Beverly Hilton Hotel to formally accept their nominations, including New Zealand actor RUSSELL CROWE, whose recent kidnap threats didn't prevent him from attending. Arriving with a barrage of security, Crowe accepted his award before sneaking out of a back entrance about an hour before any of the other guests left. (SVD/WN/CPT)

Source: WENN



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