Date: 12th March 2001

Hollywood Stars Party Without the EX

The marriage break-up of couples like TOM CRUISE and NICOLE KIDMAN has led to a sudden drop in the number of post-OSCAR parties because of fears of bust-ups occurring at the glittering bashes.

Although tactful seating and carefully timed appearances on the red carpet can keep them apart at the ceremony on 25 March (01), publicists face a much more difficult task of keeping them apart at the dinner table.

Normally there would be enough parties to allow estranged couples like DENNIS QUAID and MEG RYAN to dance the night away and never bump into one another. But this year, stars are facing a shortage of suitably glamorous events.

Studios with films nominated for Best Picture would normally throw Oscar night parties. This year, however, four studios have decided to celebrate the night before. UNIVERSAL and DREAMWORKS, the studios behind ERIN BROCKOVICH and GLADIATOR, are hosting cocktail parties in Beverly Hills, while USA FILMS, which made TRAFFIC, is throwing a dinner party for the cast.

The change of tactic leaves A-list stars with only three big parties: the annual VANITY FAIR event, a SONY party and SIR ELTON JOHN's regular bash. (RP/WNBTI/MCM)

Source: WENN



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