Date: 11th September 2000

Ashley Judd Turns Her Back On The Hollywood Crowd

ASHLEY JUDD has turned her back on the Hollywood crowd because she believes they have no "values".

But the actress is delighted she will soon have the "smart and talented" REESE WITHERSPOON as a neighbour. Judd was bought a farmhouse, surrounded by 12,000 acres, in Louisa, Kentucky by her singer sister WYNONNA. And the southern star retreats to the luxurious property in between shooting flicks in Hollywood.

But Judd has no time for Hollywood stars. Judd says of an un- named celebrity couple, "They are marketing their relationship, at least I have values. So many actors are so screwed up."

But Judd can't wait for Witherspoon and her husband RYAN PHILLIPPE to move into a neighbouring farm because the couple live up to her expectations of friendship.

Judd adds, "I would like to have a smart, talented peer in the neighbourhood, someone I could talk to." (SXH/ESQ/JM)

Source: WENN