Date: 8th March 2001

Arnie Steps Down

Muscle man ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has decided not to run for governor of California next year (02).

The 53-year-old star has been urged by Republicans in the US's third largest state to seek political office. His supporters believe he can unseat the incumbent Democratic California governor, GRAY DAVIS.

JILL EISENSTADT, a spokesman for the TERMINATOR star, said, "The timing's not right," adding that family and film obligations that will keep him tied up at least through 2004 are preventing him from segueing from a leading man to the leader of the state. "If there were a time in the future when he did not have commitments and felt he could do more good for the country in an official capacity, he would make a determination to run at that time," said Eisenstadt. "At this time he can't and he's not." (AW/WNTST&WNWR/PDD)

Source: WENN