Date: 5th March 2001

Angelina Jolie's Close Shave Keeps Men At Bay

Saucy sex siren ANGELINA JOLIE leaves her leading men with no doubt as to where her desires lie - by shaving off her pubic hair to reveal her branded nether regions.

The GONE IN 60 SECONDS actress laughs about reports that surfaced during the filming of her latest movie ORIGINAL SIN, that she and ANTONIO BANDERAS were romantically involved. And she explains she leaves her romantic leads with no questions when it comes to getting naked between the sheets - because her rude bits are quite clearly somebody else's property.

She explains, "I have BILLY BOB tattooed here (pointing to her pubic area), so with the love scene, there's no confusion. "I shaved it down at one point and did it. So anytime I do a love scene, I'll just shave it off, so the name is really, really clear. "So for all those people who have those rumours going around that something's going on, it really couldn't have been happening. But it wouldn't have anyway." (SVD/AL/MCM)

Source: WENN