Date: 4th March 2001

Back To The Future Star Struggles On

MICHAEL J FOX is writing a book about his experience of living with the debilitating Parkinson's Disease - with some help from his daughters.

Fox's kids have labelled him 'Shaky Dad' due to his constant tremors, but Fox is laughing it off and continuing his crusade to find a cure for the brain disease. He told his twin girls, AQUINNAH and SCHUYLER, six, that he is going to write a book about being a 'Shaky Dad', and they were keen to help out. He says, "They went through a list of 'how to be a shaky dad and cook,' and 'how to be a shaky dad and ride a bike'." He also said that his son SAM, 11, is old enough now to understand how Parkinson's affects him and said he is "very cool with it".

Fox says that he first felt signs of the disease 10 years ago at the height of his BACK TO THE FUTURE films and at that stage he was more concerned about where to park his FERRARI rather than the symptoms of the cruel disease. Things have changed since then. He admits, "Now as the disease get's worse I get stronger. You have to accept it and move on." (TH/NE/MCM)

Source: WENN