Date: 3rd March 2001

Darth Vader Actor Denies Steriod Rumours

STAR WARS actor DAVE PROWSE has angrily hit back at claims that his mystery paralysis is caused by steroid abuse.

The former champion bodybuilder, who played DARTH VADER in the legendary movie trilogy, is hurt by the drug accusations that have circulated since he was hospitalised last week (ends25FEB01). Prowse, who also owns STAR GYM in London, suddenly lost the use of his left arm while on a trip to Germany. The paralysis has this week worsened, and now spread into his back as well.

The 63-year-old is now bed-ridden in a South London hospital awaiting the results of specialist tests. Doctors are currently mystified by the illness, and have ruled out the possibility that a stroke was responsible. But Prowse is adamant steroids are NOT to blame. PHIL DAY, Prowse's publicist says, "Dave is very dispirited about this. "You could not meet anyone more opposed to artificial aids than Dave. He is very anti-drugs and the paralysis has got nothing whatsoever to do with steroids." (NB/WN/MCM)

Source: WENN