Date: 2nd March 2001

No More Moneypenny For Bond

JAMES BOND star SAMANTHA BOND has hinted that she'll be leaving the role of MISS MONEYPENNY if PIERCE BROSNAN relinquishes his role as 007.

Brosnan is contracted to one more film, but is expected to quit the role after that. Samantha has played Bond's doting secretary in the last three instalments of the secret-agent series. Miss Bond says, "There will be big changes when Pierce goes. That relationship would change."

Moneypenny, who's the subject of Bond's continual flirting, plays an established, yet small part in the films and Miss Bond adds, "I'm a realistic actress, and with Moneypenny you have to remember that she will only ever get 10 lines of dialogue per film." (BR/WNE/MCM)

Source: WENN



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