Date: 1st March 2001

Count Dracula Will Be Count Dooku

George Lucas has revealed that onetime horror film star Christopher Lee will play a character named Count Dooku in Star Wars: Episode II.

In an introduction to Christopher Lee: the Authorized Screen History by Jonathan Rigby, Lucas writes: "When it was time to cast the role of Count Dooku in Star Wars: Episode II my casting director suggested Christopher Lee and I jumped at the opportunity to work with him. I knew that I needed someone who could convey evil. But in addition, I needed someone to bring stature, strength and wisdom to the role. His villainous resume speaks for itself."

Lee himself directed a writer for Britain's Empire magazine to the book after explaining that he himself was bound by a confidentiality agreement not to discuss his role in the movie. "If George has revealed the name of the character, that's where I leave it," Lee remarked. "I don't want to get into trouble with George, because there's Episode III, don't forget."

Source: Studio Briefing