Date: 1st March 2001

Cruise Needs Control On Latest Film

TOM CRUISE has imposed a strict security regime on the set of his new film.

According to a source at PARAMOUNT PICTURES, extras appearing in crowd scenes for VANILLA SKY accuse the Hollywood icon, who recently announced he was planning to divorce actress NICOLE KIDMAN, of making their lives a misery. Security on the set of the film, in which PENELOPE CRUZ co-stars, was always tight because of the intense secrecy over Cruise's role - his character's face is disfigured in an accident - but the Paramount source claims it's now gone "completely over the top".

Cruise is said to have brought in at least five personal guards with orders to ensure nobody has any secret recording devices, cameras or mobile phones, while film crew and cast members have to go through a metal detector before being allowed within 100ft (39m) of the 38-year-old actor.

Tempers finally snapped yesterday (28FEB01) when a female extra was reportedly ordered to reveal the contents of her bag, prompting a senior executive to yell, "Tell Tom these are professional actors and are to be treated with respect. This is not the FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation." However, Cruise's publicist PAT KINGSLEY insists, "Yes, he is insisting on high security, but only to protect the safety of himself and others." (KW/WNTEX/PDD)

Source: WENN



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