Date: 28th February 2001

Leading Ladies Defend Schwarzenegger

LATEST: ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's leading ladies JAMIE LEE CURTIS and LINDA HAMILTON have slammed reports that the movie star is a secret groper.

In the new edition of movie magazine PREMIERE, freelance writer JOHN CONNOLLY alleges that the TERMINATOR star has groped women and cheated on his wife, news-caster MARIE SCHRIVER.

But Schwarzenegger's friends are rallying around the TRUE LIES star, writing letters to magazine editor MICHAEL SOLOMON insisting the new report was merely created to make light of Schwarzenegger's plans to run for governor of California.

Lee Curtis, who teamed up with fervent Republican Schwarzenegger in True Lies says, "It's clearly a politically motivated hatchet job." Meanwhile Hamilton responds to allegations that Schwarzenegger ran riot behind the scenes on the set of Terminator, harassing interns. She says, "The alleged disgusting incident you describe is made all the more disgusting by its never happening."


Source: WENN