Date: 9th September 2000

Carrey Smells The Roses

Missing out on an Oscar for MAN ON THE MOON made actor JIM CARREY realise what was important in his life.

The rubber-faced star is currently concentrating on his true love actress RENEE ZELLWEGER. He says, "I went into this business basically negating my whole personal side of life and giving my all to the god of success. Now I realise that relationships are important and that your children and relationships are the only things that keep you in touch with the world. "No matter what you've got in life, when you're on your death bed, if you don't have people who love you around you, then you did not win."

Carrey has now put his fierce ambition on hold, concentrating instead on his marriage to JERRY MAGUIRE star RENEE ZELLWEGER.


Source: WENN