Date: 25th February 2001

Tim Burton's Scared Of The Apes

PLANET OF THE APES director TIM BURTON has a problem - he's terrified of his apes.

Burton is currently spending his days on set directing MARK WAHLBERG, MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN and HELENA BONHAM CARTER in the remake of the 1968 movie about a man who finds the planet entirely populated by monkeys. But directing the movie, which combines actors in ape make-up with real-life apes, is causing considerable problems for Burton, who is terrified to go near the simian stars.

Star Clarke Duncan says, "Tim Burton is terrified of the apes. The other day he was trying to show the make-up artist where he wanted some blood on the ape's costume and he's doing it with a pin, he's poking him and I said, 'Tim, why are you poking at him? Go over there and show him. He's not going to bite you.' "He's just nervous around them. They're not dangerous, unless you have bad intentions and the animals will know that. Just like human beings, you have to treat these animals with kindness." (LE/WN/MCM)

Source: WENN



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