Date: 24th February 2001

Billy Crystal Hounded On Set

BILLY CRYSTAL's being hounded on the set of his new movie AMERICAN SWEETHEARTS - by a pack of doberman dogs.

The funnyman, who stars alongside JULIA ROBERTS and CATHERINE ZETA-JONES in the movie, is having a few problems getting to grips with his lively four-legged co-stars who help provide the laughs in the upcoming comedy.

Hollywood's top animal trainer BOONE NARR, who has worked on films including THE GREEN MILE, STUART LITTLE and the INDIANA JONES series, says Crystal overcame his fear of the dobermans to shoot in a scene - which makes for hilarious viewing. She says, "We just finished a huge scene in the movie with Billy Crystal. I can't let out the thing that happens but it is hilarious - it had the crew all falling down laughing!" But Narr admits Crystal took a little time getting used to the big dogs, who spend the first part of their scene together viciously attacking another cast member. She adds, "He was a little nervous because he saw these dobermans just come in and take a guy out but Billy's a professional and he really helped the scene." (LE/WN/CPT)

Source: WENN



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