Date: 9th September 2000

Elle's Sexy Lesbian Romp.

Australian supermodel ELLE MacPHERSON is set to raise eyebrows with her latest acting role - smooching on screen in steamy lesbian sex scenes with STEVEN SPIELBERG's wife KATE CAPSHAW.

The sexy model hit the television screens earlier this year playing JOEY's girlfriend in the hit sit com FRIENDS.

But it's her steamy role in the forthcoming Showtime drama IT'S A GIRL THING that's really going to get MacPherson noticed, as she romps on screen with Kapshaw.

Showtime spokeswoman JACQUIE YOAKUM says, "Elle gets romantically involved with Kate's character, and although I can't speak for either of them, it looked like they were quite comfortable in their roles. "It's certainly turned out great. Showtime does quite a lot of gay programming and it is important to us to celebrate the diversity in society."

MacPherson stars in the first of four episodes, which were shot last year (99) but won't appear on television until January 2001.

Other actresses starring in the special include MIA FARROW, REBECCA DE MORNAY and TERMINATOR star LINDA HAMILTON. The four episodes follow different women, all linked by the same psychiatrist.

Yoakum adds, "
Elle's episode is the romantic one. The others deal with other female issues like adultery and depression."


Source: WENN



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