Date: 24th February 2001

Meg Ryan Turns To God

Actress MEG RYAN has turned to God as a way to find peace in her Hollywood lifestyle.

In the past year (00/01), the PROOF OF LIFE star left her husband DENNIS QUAID, only to break up with her new lover, GLADIATOR star RUSSELL CROWE. A friend says, "Meg has had the weirdest year of her life, the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. "She ended up sad and lonely in New York and began asking herself what was missing in her life."

Ryan has been attending the non-denominational Agape church in Los Angeles where she is able to let herself go. The pal continues, "
It's a foot stomping music filled congregation. Nobody sits still for more than five minutes. "Meg raises her hands in the air, sways and dances like she's on fire with passion. "It's like she's forgotten all of her problems, if only for that hour singing in the pews." (MB/TG/CPT)

Source: WENN



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