Date: 22nd February 2001

Rosemary Decamp Dies At 90

Actress Rosemary DeCamp, a perennial fixture during the "golden age of radio" and the early years of television, died Tuesday in Torrance, CA at the age of 90.

he was Jackie Gleason's first TV wife, when she co-starred with him on the original The Life of Riley sitcom in 1949. Her last appearance on series television was in the late '60s, when she played Marlo Thomas's mother on That Girl. In motion pictures, DeCamp played James Cagney's mother in the 1942 biopic (George M. Cohan) Yankee Doodle Dandy (even though she was 11 years younger than Cagney) and Robert Alda's mother in the 1945 biopic (George Gershwin) Rhapsody in Blue (she was three years younger than Alda).

Source: Studio Briefing