Date: 22nd February 2001

No Trouble With Harry, Warner Says

Warner Bros. has denied British reports that filming of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is drastically behind schedule and that the production could be shut down because of the U.K.'s strict child labor laws.

A spokesman for the studio said that it had requested permission for the child actors of the movie to work 20 days more than the original permits had stipulated but insisted that the extension request was "entirely precautionary" and that the production is currently on schedule. A spokesman for star Daniel Radcliffe's school district in London said that the extension would be granted if the boy's school approves of his progress with the tutor on set. "Our real concern is exploitation," the spokesman told today's (Thursday) New York Daily News, adding that in Daniel's case, exploitation did not appear to be a problem. "I hear he's getting a nice wedge of money," the spokesman said.

Source: Studio Briefing