Date: 10th September 2000

Kensit's New Irish Movie

British actress PATSY KENSIT is throwing herself back into her work to get over her marriage split with OASIS wildman LIAM GALLAGHER. LETHAL WEAPON II star Patsy is jetting into Dublin, Ireland,later this month (SEPT00) to begin work on her new movie BAD KARMA. She has also broken-up with actor JAMIE FOREMAN, who comforted her briefly after the break with the CHAMPAGNE SUPERNOVA singer. The actress is close pals with U2's BONO and wife ALI after she spent some time living near them with her former husband, SIMPLE MINDS singer JIM KERR.

Her agent says, "She is now concentrating on her film career and bringing up her family. She is currently not in a relationship, although she remains the best of friends with Jamie Foreman."


Source: WENN