Date: 23rd February 2001

Too Much Bubbly For Spielberg's Stepdaughter

STEVEN SPIELBERG's stepdaughter JESSICA CAPSHAW partied so hard at the premiere of her new movie VALENTINE that she threw up.

The SCHINDLER'S LIST director and Jessica's mum KATE CAPSHAW were shocked when the 24-year-old showed up sobbing on their doorstep looking pale and dishevelled after vomiting in the backseat of her limo on the way home, pals of the family have told American magazine THE STAR.

Jessica had been downing champagne with co-stars DENISE RICHARDS and DAVID BOREANAZ at the Hollywood bash. Her publicist LEWIS KAY says, "Jessica only had one or two glasses of champagne. "She doesn't usually go out drinking, so she's not used to it. She meant to call the driver to tip him for cleaning up, but she's so busy, she forgot." (LE/TS/RP)

Source: WENN



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