Date: 23rd February 2001

Jennifer Aniston's Lesbian Lip-Lock with Winona Ryder

FRIENDS stunner JENNIFER ANISTON is resorting to two lesbian kisses - in a bid to win back ratings for her weekly TV sitcom.

Aniston will partake in shocking lip-lock scenes with WINONA RYDER, and co-star LISA KUDROW say inside sources who have caught a glimpse of the script.

The source says, "Jennifer kissing Winona is the shocker to beat all shockers. Friends is getting whipped in the ratings by SURVIVOR so they're pulling out all the stops to get the viewers back."

The outrageous episode airing in mid-March begins with Aniston's character RACHEL GREEN confessing to her pals that she had a drunken make-out session in college with a sorority sister named MELISSA, played by Ryder. The source adds, "Rachel's reminiscing turns to frustration when Melissa denies it ever happened. In a shocking move, Rachel grabs Melissa, kisses her smack on the lips in front of PHOEBE BUFFAY (Kudrow) as if to say, 'Now do you remember?' "The kiss jogs Melissa's memory who then declares her love for Rachel. She then apologises and says she only kissed her to prove a point to Phoebe." (SVD/TS/CPT)

Source: WENN



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