Date: 10th September 2000

Carrey's Secret Inspiration

JIM CARREY gets up in the middle of the night by himself to shuffle around in the bathroom - and his girlfriend doesn't mind because he's getting "inspiration". Hollywood actress RENEE ZELLWEGER, who stars in ME MYSELF AND IRENE with Carrey, reveals the MASK star's bizarre nocturnal behaviour.

She says, "Suddenly in the middle of the night, he'll get up and the light will go on in there and there'll be noises and shuffling around. "It sounds crazy but he gets a lot of inspiration from the rest room!" And Renee, soon to be seen playing the title role in BRIDGET JONES' DIARY, admits Carrey is a little shy when it comes to love.

She says, "
Underneath that facade he is a very genuine quite serious man with lots of levels - but I think he has problems expressing himself when it comes to romance. "In the end I was the one who said, 'Look you know that I am shy but are you trying to suggest that we date , because if you are, that's fine really. "His face just lit up and then he gave me one of those ridiculous DUMB AND DUMBER tongue out faces."


Source: WENN



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