Date: 20th February 2001

British Game Show Host Considering US Move

Anne Robinson, the crusty, sharp-tongued host of the British hit game show The Weakest Link has told a magazine interviewer that she is prepared to move to the U.S. if the American version of the show, due to launch on NBC in April, proves to be a success.

She told the U.K.'s Heat magazine, "I'm happy to do whatever's required." Nevertheless the sometimes dour host who often sends contestants packing with the words, "You're the weakest link, goodbye," implied that she has little confidence about how she'll be received in the U.S. "They might say, 'She's rubbish, send her back on the banana boat. It's pretty rare for a British presenter host to make it over there. ... I think if it does take off it will be due to their fascination with English accents and English attitudes. It certainly won't be down to my age and beauty."

Source: Studio Briefing