Date: 21st February 2001

Julia Too Busy Enjoying Nomination Giddiness

JULIA ROBERTS is too busy enjoying her OSCAR nomination to worry about winning her first ACADEMY AWARD next month (MAR01).

The PRETTY WOMAN star, who is in the running to take home a Best Actress award for her performance in ERIN BROCKOVICH at the star- studded ceremony in Los Angeles, says the nomination - her third - is the most exciting yet.

Roberts says, "I think one has to be hopeful but I expect to remain seated. "Everyone's talking about 'Do you want to win?' and 'What would you say if you win?'. To me, that bypasses a huge step, the 12- year-old giddiness you get in the run up to the Oscars, so that's what I'm doing for the next five weeks."

But the NOTTING HILL star insists it really doesn't matter if she doesn't win - because she already has her prize in the form of boyfriend BENJAMIN BRATT. Roberts says, "
I don't have to win because I have my own golden man at home." (LE/WNV/CPT)

Source: WENN



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